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21 January 2020


Practice Fusion’s templates were designed by doctors and can be customized to fit your specific practice needs. The templates are flexible and have been dedicated to several specialties to complete charting in a timely efficient matter. You can also edit or create your own templates, and the system has been setup to sort which templates have been used frequently to increase workflow.  When opening a patient’s chart, you can easily navigate to their:


·                     Past medical history

·                     Diagnoses history (Dx)

·                     Medication list (Rx)

·                     Allergies

·                     Advanced directives

·                     Immunization records

·                     Lifestyle


Under charting tab, you can see:


·                     Past and upcoming appointments

·                     Referrals

·                     Scripts

·                     Messages

·                     Labs

·                     Documents

·                     Billing

·                     Activity


You can start a SOAP note easily and begin charting right away with free text or the use of a dictation software such as Dragon Medical.