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21 January 2020

Practice Fusion

In 2002, initial costs of EHRs were estimated to be $50,000–70,000 per physician in a 3-physician practice. A 2011 survey estimated a cost of $32,000 per physician in a 5-physician practice during the first 60 days of implementation.[i]

·         Practice Fusion is the fastest growing certified EHR in the country with more than 150,000 physicians using the system.

·         The advantage of using Practice Fusion is that it is 100% free. 

·         The system utilizes a web-based cloud storage system where the EPs can access their charts from anywhere and anytime, which also reduces hardware and IT costs.

·         The information online is 100% HIPAA compliant and secure with bank level security.

·         The use of the system eliminates paper-based charts and reduces work for staff.

·         The average setup time for a Practice Fusion account is five minutes compared to other EHRs that can take up to 3 months.

·         Practice Fusion has integrated billing solutions to improve the earnings on payments.

·         There are no maintenance costs for system updates, which other vendors have been found to cost EPs up to $8500 per year[ii]

In 2012, Practice Fusion was ranked #1 in overall customer satisfaction ranking with a score of 9.42 out of 10.  Practice Fusion was also ranked #1 for meeting Meaningful Use with 98.5% users on track for receiving incentives from CMS. [iii] Furthermore, Practice Fusion was ranked #1 in e-Prescribing satisfaction.[iv]

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